Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2, 2010

Today is a day for a peaceful revolution. Lets take back OUR country. Raise your flags. Regardless the outcome today, voting without reservation or oppression is a right given only to the free. We the citizens of this great country can unite today regardless of party and direct our representatives with the power of a vote. Lets fix this economy and stop asking the country to bail us out. This country was founded by and brought to power by men and women who stood up for themselves, got dirty and even died for their beliefs. We can not dishonor them now by sitting idly by and watching their sacrifices be forgotten and disrespected. We are the patriots now. What happens now can be echoed in the History books as a showing of great strength and patriotism. So tomorrow when your kids go to school stop and say the Pledge of Allegiance, say a prayer for this country and ask GOD to give us all the bravery and strength to rebuild this country. Rebuild this country in the vision of our founding fathers. A vision supported by GOD which with blood sweat and tears became America. Today is our day America. What you do today will be echoed by your children. Vote, vote informed and let them see you do it. Make sure the children of this country learn what a privilege it is. You'll know you have taught them of the honor when you see the pride in their eyes as they look at you wearing the "I voted" sticker on your chest. No more mooching off our government, no more asking them to provide. Get out their America and lets rebuild this land that we love. The time is now! The time is today!

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